Kayn Release & C9 Xayah

Ever since returning from Germany, I have been taking things easy and resting up a lot. My trip to asia starts on Sunday, so I have been spending the past few days playing league most of the time. I had some promos to gold left to do on EUNE so I did them in the morning today with Malphite, because the new Thornmail item is really strong.

malph promo gold.png

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My Rift Rivals Experience

Lemme just start of by saying AAAAAAAAAAHHH I MET BJERGSEN.

RR Audience.png

So let’s just start with the day. I didn’t breakfast so I went to a doner company in Schonenberg named donerberg (hehe). This is probably the biggest doner kebab I have ever gotten for its price which was tasty as hell as well. After that I went to the EU LCS studio. On my walk there, I already saw a fnc janna cosplayer and a C9 fan walking by. At the line, a different FNC Janna cosplayer arrived whose figure made some people jealous of that body. Even though she just seemed too skinny for me. At the entrance after handing the tickets, we got wristbands and another hand band with “EU>NA” written on it. At the venue there were stands that sold all kinds of merchandise. T-shirts were discounted. As a master yi main, I had to get the project yi shirt. The person I went there with bought the project Ashe shirt. We got a fluffy poro along with our purchase for free and because the shirts were so awesome we went to the bathroom to change our shirts to the ones we bought. After I got out of the bathroom, TSM members just passed by as if they were completely ordinary people and not the actually players, nodding “hey whatsup” to me. I just had a huge smirk on my face.

At our seats, we received blowable LCS “flappers”. Idk how to call them. Waiting for the matches to start, someone came out and welcomed us to the rift rivals. He did a quizz about G2 and the winner would receive a completely signed by all members G2 shirt. I had no clue about G2 so I didn’t bother raising my hand to compete. After that many cosplayers showed up. There was a UOL themed thresh, C9 themed xayah, TSM themed Ashe, FNC janna (who I saw earlier) and a zed I think. The countdown to the start of rift rivals started and thus we were all yelling and cheering for TSM. I am so happy that I could finally be part of the TSM chants in the crowd.

The matches were fun to watch. Its exactly as if I would be watching it at home since the live stream was on a big screen above the players. But it was so much greater because the vibe in the studio was so intense with everyone cheering on the teams. Seeing big plays that got all of us shocked and sharing these emotions with each other is truly priceless. After every game we had the opportunity to meet and greet with the winning team. It makes sense now why there were only 200 seats because this way the visitors experience increases so much more because this way we all have so much more time to spend with the players. It truly made my day to be able to at least shake hands and exchange a few words with all the players there. And then to take a picture with them is just the topping on the ice.

Even though UOL lost both games, we were still able to take pictures with them. They looked pretty sad so the friend I went there with said “dont be sad you played well. I still love you all”. Surprisingly this made them smile.

Meeting with the G2 team was the most surprising to me. They were incredibly humble. They even apologised to me for “standing in my way” where I was just trying to walk around take a picture with them. They were all smiles and thanked me for my time and for taking a picture with them.

Meeting with C9 was kinda awkward. Sneaky had a really “sneaky” smile on the picture and the way he greeted me was priceless: “Hiluwww”. I asked him if he brought his meteos body pillow with him and all he did was laugh and not give an answer xD the rest of C9 was awesome. I’m really happy about the fact that I could get onto a picture with the season 3 world champion Impact right besides me.

TSM meeting just made my dreams come true. Ever since season 4 I have wanted to meet TSM and this finally came true. Hauntzer is as chill and cool as I expected him to be. Svenskeren was just so nice. His smile would make you feel like he is a really good friend of yours. Doublelift is as focused as you would expect him to be and biofrost seemed pretty shy and emotionless :P. Then there was bjergsen. He tried to say “hey how is it going” but his voice cracked while he was saying it. I just had to smile. After the picture I asked if he will play master yi mid soon. He laughed and his reply was. “Nah dude, thanks for the picture though” with a huge smile on his face. This moment alone was worth the 15 euros that I spent on this event. Now I finally have a picture with them for the rest of my life.

I wasn’t able to meet up with FNC or P1 because I didn’t know that they would be standing there for the meet and greet. It was in a corner right next to the tribune. I would have wanted a picture with rekkles, but I am not sad at all about it because when I yelled “REKKLES” as he entered the stage, he actually looked at me and waved his hand with a smile. I still can’t believe that pro players are just still so down to earth even though they are so famous.

Some friends that were watching the live stream from home tracked me onto the screen whenever the camera went onto the crowd. That was funny as well since I can now say “you saw me on there, I am famous now muhahahah”. This event really was so much fun and I would say that 15 euros is way cheaper for the experience you are getting there. I am really motivated to go to the EU LCS finals after this. A friend of mine already has tickets so maybe I can tag along with him to it.

TL;DR this event was an incredibly amazing experience which I enjoyed every single bit of. The meet and greet with the players felt so great because of the way they spoke to you.I would definitely love to go again to another LCS event.

Until next time 🙂

On the road to Germany

So right now I’m in the first train on my way to Germany. Tired as hell because I went to bed at 7 am and got up at 11 am. Apparently my mom woke up at 10 to stuff my suitcase with food enough for 10 years to come. All her food didn’t fit so she got me a bigger suitcase… Thanks mom you’re the best xD its a 5 hour trip to the place where I am staying. And I was smart enough not to download any movies nor to grab my headphones for music on my way out. First mission in Germany: buying new headphones. Lucky for me I have friends I can talk to! Right?… Well they are all still asleep #gamerlife. 

I got to play 2 ranked games before I went to sleep. In my 2nd game I got my 3rd mastery 7 token on jhin so he is finally level 7 for me now, making him my 10th level 7 champion. Next up I have to play either Morgana or nocturne to level 7 since I got champion shards for them. I have already played all my champions to level 2 at least except for the upcoming champion Kayn, who by the way looks epic as hell and I can’t wait to play him.

Rift rivals had a new teaser video about the length of a minute where you could see NA vs EU. Double lift was in the video so it hyped me up for the event even more than it already did. I just hope that I will get a collector cup and poster for going there. This is all for now. Until next time 🙂

PentaKing Blog launches


Hey everyone. I wanted to update you all with some of the stuff that I will be doing from now on on this site 🙂

For those who don’t know me, My Name is PentaKing. For the past 2 years the purpose of this site was to show my progress in the creation of Custom Skins. Over time this idea I had slowly faded away and the purpose of this site just disappeared. I still Love Mapskins and the community and I plan on continuing to work on Mapskins as long as I am able to do so (which I hope is many more years to come). Lately my motivation to create skins as well as ideas to create skins has disappeared. My few attempts at creating custom skins have failed which made me end up throwing away the entire idea just for me to pretend like it never happened. Therefore I am not sure if I will be making any custom skins anymore. If so now and then i get a great idea which i really want to work on, or if miraculously my motivation to create skins returns, I will return to making them.

So now maybe you might be wondering what my plan is. Well simply put, I would like to start blogging about my adventures in league of legends. These will be about playing with my friends, playing ranked, travelling to watch for example the Rift Rivals Finals between EU and NA next week and so on. You can probably expect a lot of random blogs at a random schedule. Basically whenever there is something I would want to share, I will do that here. Maybe I will make some videos about some highlights of my games too. Maybe I will start writing a guide for the champions that I have successfully played in recent games. Basically all kinds of stuff.

My first plan is to cover my experience for travelling to Berlin to the EU LCS studio to witness the finals between NA Teams (TSM, C9, P1) vs EU Teams (FNC, G2, UOL). I am incredibly hyped and excited to go here. I haven’t ever been to an event like this before and I especially haven’t traveled to a different country just to be able to be part of it. I will be covering my experience on this blog and hopefully the readers will be entertained by it 🙂

TL;DR: No more Custom Skin Content (Maybe so now and then there will be something). I will start blogging about League of Legends related stuff and my first stop is the Rift Rivals 2017 in Berlin.